nato tj 2018 300x250Around 50,000 participants, 150 aircraft, 65 ships and up to 10,000 vehicles from more than 30 nations – this is NATO's exercise Trident Juncture 18

TRIDENT JUNCTURE18 is NATO’s largest high visibility exercise since 2015, with Norway and Iceland serving as Host Nations.

Over 20,000 land forces, 24,000 navy personnel, including US Marines, 3,500 air personnel, around 1,000 logistics specialists and 1,300 personnel from a range of NATO Commands are participating in the exercise.

The two-part exercise will be comprised of a major Live Exercise (LIVEX) and a separate Computer-Assisted Command Post Exercise (CAX/CPX) that aims to train command and control procedures of NATO Response Force 2019 (NRF19), led by Allied Joint Force Command Naples (JFC Naples). The LIVEX will be executed primarily on Norway’s territory, with some limited activity in Finland and Sweden and the adjacent waters, including the Baltic Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

Norwegian Armed Forces TRJE18 website here.

NATO Allied Joint Force Command Naples TRJE18 website here.

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NATO Allied Command Transformation Experimenting in TRJE18

TRJE18 will provide an environment for the testing, refinement, and further development of existing or new capabilities. By coordinating and integrating of experiments from NATO entities and Nations into TRJE18, NATO seek to allow the best experimental results without putting the exercise objectives at risk. NATO ACT Operational Experimentation is coordinating over 20 experiment activities within TRJE18 ranging from discovery to validation.

Experiment Fact Sheets for TRJE18 LIVEX:

Deployable Air Activation Modules Coordination Cell
Deployable Messing Facility
Enhanced Logistics Base
Expeditionary Logistics Experiment
Information Environment Assessment
In-Field Additive Manufacturing
Integration of Full Spectrum Approach (FSA) and the Information Environment
Land Command and Control System
Medical Civil-Military Interface
NATO Alliance Ground Surveillance Force Receive and Disseminate ISR Data
Theatre Opening Capability
Unmanned Platforms for Force and Base Protection

Experiment Fact Sheets for CAX/CPX:

Allied Joint Doctrine Validation
NATO Alliance Ground Surveillance Force Tasking, Air and Ground Segments
NATO Deployable Air Base
Medical Bio Responsiveness
Medical Modular Approach
Operations Logistics Chain Management
Optimisation of Communication in the Information Environment
Space Support to NATO Operations
Weapons of Mass Destruction Disablement

NATO ACT OPEX Fact Sheet here.