tide sprint fall 2018 bannerTIDE Sprint is solving tomorrow’s interoperability challenges, today
as operators, engineers, scientists and managers take forward in a single week
what would otherwise take many months to achieve.

From 15-19 October, Norfolk will host over 250 engineers, operators, scientists and academics from 24 nations including government, industry and academic partners at the Fall 2018 Think-Tank for Information Decision and Execution (TIDE) Sprint. TIDE Sprint is about working together as a federation of Alliance and Partner Nations to continually improve interoperability between our people, processes and technology. Only then will our military forces be able to act as 'one NATO' and deliver on NATOs core tasks of collective defence, crisis management, and cooperative security.

At TIDE Sprint we reflect the needs of the TIDE community. For this reason we have made some changes to this TIDE Sprint with some of our established tracks taking a break and being replaced by new tracks for the first time. Since the last TIDE Sprint we have also had a NATO Summit, the outcomes of which will certainly be reflected in the track discussions.

TIDE Sprint is an integral element of the 'Interoperability Continuum', a series of ACT sponsored events that allows the NATO Enterprise, Alliance and Federation to work together and develop ideas, concepts, requirements and specifications for improving interoperability; before testing, verifying and validating between participating nations at CWIX. For 2019 we have a core theme for the Interoperability Continuum – Data Science. At this TIDE Sprint we will hold the first Data Science track that will work alongside the Technology track to consider the implications of Data Science as a capability across the federation. Part of this track will also examine Data Science challenges for the 2019 TIDE Hackathon due to take place in Warsaw, Poland in late February 2019.

We recognise that CWIX and TIDE Sprint are not the only interoperability events available to nations. So at this TIDE Sprint we will host an 'Interoperability Exercise' track to understand synergies between three important interoperability events: CWIX, Trail Unified Vision and Exercise Bold Quest. We hope that a common understanding of these events will identify opportunities for nations to test command and control activities from sensing through to effecting. This track will also provide early guidance to CWIX planners in advance of the formal CWIX planning events, for undertaking Federated Mission Networking (FMN) Readiness Confirmation during 2019.

With so much going on it is impossible to anticipate the highlights, so here are more reasons to attend this TIDE Sprint:

  • You’ve heard about Data Science – but how much do you really know about it? Why do we need a Data Science Taxonomy? Are you a data scientist that can help ACT to understand and plan how we take data science forward?
  • How much do you really know about FMN, can you separate your 'spiral specification' from your 'procedural instruction'? – are you a beginner? Do you have some knowledge but want more? Do you have a lot of knowledge from your nation to share? Now is your chance to find out!
  • Autonomy, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence – these are not just works, ideas or concepts. They are being applied across a range of disciplines – at TIDE Sprint we discuss what they could mean for Logistics and Maritime services.
  • Two years ago NATO declared cyberspace a domain of operations, but NATO is adapting to new threats, what is the operational response to these change and can we adapt cyberspace accordingly?
  • What is the 'Tactical Edge' and why as a strategic headquarters is this important; we need experts with ideas to improve tactical to strategic communications between our nations?
  • Do you know what ITIL and DevOps are and how they apply to military use, and why do decision makers need a recognized CIS picture?
  • Industry do it, why don’t we! – the Data Centric Security track have invited industry vendors to provide clues and pointers for developing a more data centric approach to network security as part of NATOs long term vision and strategy.

At this TIDE Sprint the following 'tracks' will be available:

  • Communications
  • Cyberspace Adaptation
  • Data Science
  • Data Centric Security
  • Federated Mission Networking
  • Interoperability Exercises
  • IT Service Management
  • Maritime services
  • Logistics
  • Tactical Edge
  • Technology

TIDE Sprint is open to NATO and Partner Nations; events take place in an unclassified environment with all sessions conducted in English. Additional information on event administration, registration, past presentations and reports are available on the password protected TIDEPEDIA website. For access to Tidepedia, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., including your first and last name, your telephone number, email address and the government or military organisation you represent. Industry and academia are encouraged to participate but require sponsorship from a NATO, National Government or Military representative.