171213cotc400“Prepare for Tomorrow, Share the Future”

Norfolk, VA – More than 470 participants from fifty-two countries took part in the 12th annual Chiefs of Transformation Conference from December 12th – 14th.

The Chiefs of Transformation Conference is an annual event hosted by NATO Allied Command Transformation in order to discuss future security challenges, innovation and transformation. It is the only venue that gathers the national Chiefs of Transformation, from across the Alliance and Partner nations, with NATO’s senior leadership for open interaction and discussion on innovation, adaptation, technology and longer-term capability development.

The 2017 Chiefs of Transformation Conference included five syndicate topics led by Britain, France, Spain, Germany and the United States, an Industry Engagement session where Industry leaders showcased new technologies and designs to Conference participants, academic institutions and members of the media.

Adaptation and enhancement are key elements of the Alliances’ enduring ability to deliver effective defence, deterrence and the projection of stability; ensuring NATO remains ready, responsive and able to meet its three core tasks of Collective Defence, Crisis Management and Cooperative Security now and in the foreseeable future. You can read more about the content discussed at the Chiefs of Transformation Conference here:

This Chiefs of Transformation Conference was initiated in 2006 at the request of NATO nations. The conference brings together NATO and partner member representatives to demonstrate the unity of a strong NATO Alliance and project NATO’s influence in shaping the future security environment. The discussions at the Chiefs of the Transformation Conference help inform military decision making in 2018 and beyond. As the latest major security conference of the calendar year, the conference informs deliberations at the NATO’s most senior decision making bodies: The North Atlantic Council, Foreign Ministerial meetings, Defence Ministerial meetings, Military Committee meetings.

NATO’s home in North America, Allied Command Transformation, brings together military personnel, Allied and Partner nations to contribute to international security and international stability.

15 December, 2017.