180619nco400The Non-Commissioned Officer Corps of the Slovenian Armed Forces organized a leadership seminar for the Moldavian Non-Commissioned Officers as a part of the NATO Defence Education Enhancement Programme.

The seminar was held in Maribor, Slovenia, June 4 to 15, under the auspices of the Slovenian Armed Forces General Staff, and in cooperation with the Slovenian Armed Forces Military Schools Centre and the Non-Commissioned Officer School.

This seminar included various topics covering development of the Slovenian Armed Forces Non-Commissioned Officer Corps, the effective performance of the Non-Commissioned Officer support chain, as well as the latest results and achievements in the field of Non-Commissioned Officer military education and training system. The course also highlighted NATO’s Non-Commissioned Officer development model, leadership theory, gender perspective, officers and Non-Commissioned Officer relationship, the role of Non-Commissioned Officers in combat operations planning, basics of adult education, and the formation and development of military education and training.

Allied Command Transformation Command Senior Enlisted Leader, Command Chief Master Sergeant Jack Johnson Jr., visited the seminar. He was accompanied by the Command Sergeant Major Igor Tomašič, Slovenian Armed Forces Command Senior Enlisted Leader, and Command Sergeant Major Danijel Kovač, Command Senior Enlisted Leader to the Slovenian Armed Forces Military Schools Centre.

Command Chief Master Sergeant Jack Johnson Jr., attended the seminar with the aim of expressing support and strengthening further cooperation. He provided a keynote address at the seminar and met with the Commandant of the Military Schools Centre Brigadier General Vilibald Polšak. Through a video conference, seminar participants were later joined by Command Sergeant Major Davor Petek, Allied Command Operations Command Senior Enlisted Leader, who discussed current operations and imperatives of NATO, as well as the role and guidelines for the future development in NATO.

Command Chief Master Sergeant Jack Johnson, Jr. expressed his appreciation for the exceptional contribution the Slovenian Armed Forces provide through military education and training opportunities for partner nations and their Non-Commissioned Officer Corps.