160921europe02 400From September 19th to 23rd, General Denis Mercier visited Montenegro and Romania for official country visits, as well as France, in order to deliver his vision of transformation to high-level military and civilian students.

160921europe01 400160921europe03 400In Montenegro, on Sept 19th and 20th, General Mercier was welcomed by Admiral Dragan Samardzic, Chief of Defense. He met Mr Melvudin Nuhodzic, Chairperson of the Security and Defense Committee, and his visit to this future member of the Alliance concluded with an office call with Mr Filip Vujanovic, President of Montenegro. The Montenegrin authorities showed SACT a huge commitment towards NATO. SACT also found that on the military side, Montenegro’s transformational efforts since their independence have been remarkable and very pragmatic.

The Romanian Minister of National Defence, Mihnea Motoc, received General Denis Mercier in Bucharest, on Wednesday, September 21st, during his official visit to Romania. The two dignitaries discussed the implementation of measures adopted by the chiefs of state and government at the NATO Summit in Warsaw as well as the contribution of ACT to the development of the Allied military capabilities. On the same day, General Mercier had a meeting with the Chief of the General Staff, General Nicolae Ciucă, who briefed him on the priorities of the Romanian military in the near future, the developments in the security situation of the Black Sea region and the participation of the Romanian troops in NATO missions.

In Paris, SACT delivered a speech to “Science-po”, the Paris Institute of Political Studies, a civilian high-level university. He also spoke to the “centre des hautes etudes militaires,” the French War College and to the “Ecole de Guerre,” the Staff College, in which he addressed French and Allied senior officers. It was an occasion for him to reach a wide range of civilian and military students who will be the decisions makers of tomorrow, in France and worldwide, and to share with them his vision of the Alliance’s Transformation.