Dr. Robert Barry Murphy polad

United States
Political Advisor to the Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
Supreme Allied Commander Transformation
North Atlantic Treaty Organization

Dr Murphy is a Senior Foreign Service Officer of the United States of America. Before joining the NATO International Staff he was Coordinator of the Office of Foreign Policy Advisors (POLADS) in the Bureau of Political Affairs, U.S. State Department. He has served in facility positions at the Joint Forces Staff College and the Industrial College of the Armed Forces (now Eisenhower School of the U.S. National University). He taught courses in Economics, Reconstruction and Stabilization, Defence Diplomatic, and Development Interagency Cooperation. He served as the Senior Foreign Advisor in Iraq and as a civilian observer in the Multinational Force as well as an observer in the Sinai. Dr Murphy has received numerous Commendations and Awards from the Department of State.

Dr Murphy has held Diplomatic assignments in Guyana, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Angola, Ireland, Saudi Arabia and Iraq. In Ireland, he supported Senator George Mitchell during negotiations on the future of Northern Ireland. In Angola, he served as the U.S. alternate delegate to the Angolan Peace Commission. He was a rover throughout West Africa during the Mano River wars in Cote d'Ivoire, Ghana Togo, Liberia, and Sierra Leone. In three assignments to Riyadh he served as Energy Attache' Counselor for Political-Military Affairs, and Counselor of Economic Affairs, while serving as the U.S. Chair of the Saudi Arabia-U.S. Joint Working Group on Critical Infrastructure Protection. In several Iraqi assignments, he served in embedded positions with USF-1 and was Rule of Law Coordinator for Economic Affairs, and Acting Assistant Chief of Mission for Assistance and Transition.

He holds a Bachelor’s Degrees from Harvard College and the University of London. Dr Murphy has Master’s Degree in: Law from the University of Leicester, Government from Harvard University, Economics from the University of Dublin (Trinity College), Social Science from Syracuse University (the Maxwell School), and Public Administration from Suffolk University. He did his Doctoral Studies at Virginia Tech and the University of South Africa, in Public Administration and African Comparative Law.

Prior to joining the Foreign Service Dr Murphy was both an elected and appointed official in the state of Massachusetts, serving in both state and local government positions, and he was a major party nominee to the House of Representatives.

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