170302saceur 400Strengthening the Transatlantic bonds between NATO’s two Strategic Commanders, and continents, at NATO’s home in North America.

NATO’s only two Supreme Allied Commanders, General Denis Mercier, Supreme Allied Commander Transformation and General Curtis M. Scaparrotti, Supreme Allied Commander Europe, met during General Scaparrotti’s first visit to NATO’s Allied Command Transformation in Norfolk, Virginia on 3 March. The positioning of a French Air Force General as the senior NATO military Commander in the United States, while the United States provides the Supreme Allied Commander in Europe, demonstrates the significance of the transatlantic bond and the cohesiveness of the Alliance.

The Supreme Allied Commanders, joined by Admiral Manfred Nielson, Air Marshal Sir Graham Stacey KBE, CB and General Werner Freers, as well as other senior military staff, held important strategic discussions on a range of topics for ensuring deterrence, defence and projecting stability to safeguard the peace and security of NATO’s 900 million citizens.

These important discussions are aimed at ensuring that the Alliance is well positioned, following the decisions made at the NATO summit in Warsaw in 2016 and re-affirmed at the Defence Ministers meeting in Brussels only a fortnight ago and will shape the subsequent discussions at the NATO Transformation Seminar and Foreign Ministers meeting, due to take place in March and April.