ptec marketplace 2017The 2017 PTEC Marketplace will take place at the Press Area at NATO Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium on October 12, 2017.

At this exposition, PTECs will promote their common and individual achievements, advertise their institutions’ offers to NATO, and display the Community’s cooperative efforts with regard to Education and Training.

Since 1999, PTECs have played a key role in supporting NATO’s partnership objectives. PTECs collaborate closely to support partners in developing their own defence education and training capacities as well as supporting the development and transformation of partners’ professional military education institutions.

There are currently 31 PTECs based in 25 countries and 4 PTEC candidates, representing unique training in a variety of critical capabilities, to include Language Training, Tactical and Operational Training, Crisis and Disaster Management, Conflict Prevention and Resolution, Building Integrity, Gender Perspectives and Peace and Security.