The Public Affairs Office is responsible for globally communicating the strategic vision and messages of NATO's Supreme Allied Commander Transformation.

The Chief Public Affairs Officer is a spokesperson for Supreme Allied Commander Transformation, and advisor for Supreme Allied Commander Transformation, Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Transformation and Chief of Staff. The Chief Public Affairs Officer represents Allied Command Transformation and all subordinate commands, including Command entities in Europe, in the public's eye. The Public Affairs Office manages the public perception of the Command, the corporate image of the Command and manages Command information products and news.

The Public Affairs Office identifies and drafts Public Affairs strategy and goals that are needed to support the intent and vision of Supreme Allied Commander Transformation, and is also responsible for the transformation and standardization of NATO's Bi-Strategic Command Public Affairs functions and responsibilities; it is also responsible for public information support to the Joint Warfare Centre, the Joint Force Training Centre and the Joint Analysis Lessons Learned Centre.

The Public Affairs Office coordinates public affairs doctrine, policy, education and training, directives, support to Allied Command Transformation's activities and associated media engagements.

The Public Affairs Office has the primary responsibility for the NATO Public Affairs Course and for the curriculum of other NATO Public Affairs training; manages and maintains the look, design and content of the Allied Command Transformation website and also coordinates and publicises local NATO community events.

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NATO Visual Identity Guidelines NATO Brand Guide
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NATO Defence and Security Campaign Toolkit NATO ACO/ACT Public Affairs Handbook
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NATO ACO/ACT Digital Media Management Guide  

The Public Affairs office is a part of the Strategic Communications Branch at Headquarters Supreme Allied Commander Transformation, which has the following composition:

  • Captain Carlos Bausa', Spanish Navy - Chief Communications
  • Mr. Jay Paxton, NATO Civilian - Chief Public Affairs and Deputy Chief Communications
  • Mr. Frank Schiller, NATO Civilian – Chief Corporate Communications
  • Lieutenant Colonel George Vriniotis, Canadian Army – PA/StratCom Training Officer
  • Commander Katrin Miller, German Navy - Staff Officer Corporate Communications
  • Lieutenant Commander Paul Kempley, Royal Navy - Plans and Policy Officer
  • Lieutenant Commander Dawn Stankus, U.S. Navy - Media Officer
  • Mr. Paolo Giordano, NATO Civilian - Website Manager
  • Mr. Brian Sostak, NATO Civilian - Lead, Video and Animation
  • Senior Chief Petty Officer Molly Burgess, U.S. Navy - Mass Communication Specialist
  • Petty Officer First Class Abraham Essenmacher, U.S. Navy - Mass Communications Specialist
  • Leading Writer Alastair Turner, Royal Navy - Branch Administrator
  • Mr. Gregory Jackson, Contractor - Social Media Manager
  • Ms. Lucinda Tran, Intern

For non media-related queries:

Allied Command Transformation
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Tel: +1 (757) 747-3400

For Media-related queries ONLY please contact:

Allied Command Transformation Public Affairs Office
7857 Blandy Road, Suite 100 Norfolk, VA 23551-2490
Tel: +1 (757) 747-3600
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