National Liaison Representatives

The National Liaison Representatives are uniformed military nationals appointed by their nation’s government to NATO in a national capacity. The NLRs provide Headquarters, Supreme Allied Commander Transformation with national viewpoints and information from national sources, and serve as a channel of communication between HQ SACT and their national authorities.


There is a clear advantage in having National Liaison Representatives collocated with Supreme Allied Commander Transformation in Norfolk, Virginia, as the transformation processes continue to develop. Early involvement by nations has been of mutual benefit for Allied Command Transformation, NATO, and the senior defence leadership of nations involved.

NATO National Liaison Representatives listed alphabetically by nation:

  • al ALBANIA - Captain Arsen Mullaj, Albanian Navy
  • be BELGIUM - Colonel Bart Hubrechtsen, Belgian Army
  • bg BULGARIA - Lt. Colonel Martin Bachvarov, Bulgarian Army
  • ca CANADA- Lt. Colonel Jean-Philippe Tremblay, Royal Canadian Air Force
    • Deputy - Major Alexandre Boulianne, Canadian Army
  • hr CROATIA - Colonel Branimir Tojcić, Croatian Army
  • cz CZECH REPUBLIC - Colonel Martin Bojkovsky, Czech Air Force
    • Deputy - Captain Marek Gresak, Czech Army
  • dk DENMARK - Brigadier General Steen Ulrich, Danish Air Force
    • Deputy - Lt. Colonel Espen Holk, Danish Air Force
  • ee ESTONIA - Colonel Vahur Väljamäe, Estonian Army
  • fr FRANCE - Colonel Aymeric Tardieu de Maleissye Melun, French Army
    • Deputy - Colonel Benjamin Vinot Prefontaine, French Air Force
  • de GERMANY - Colonel Dr. Frank Richter, German Army
    • Deputy - Lieutenant Colonel Stefan Siegelmann, German Army
  • gr GREECE - Colonel Christos Ntaflos, Hellenic Army
    • Deputy - Lt. Commander Ioanna Sidira, Hellenic Navy
  • hu HUNGARY - Colonel László Drót, Hungarian Army
    • Deputy - Lt. Colonel Péter Lukacs, Hungarian Air Force
  • is ICELAND - Mr. Olafur Olafsson, Icelandic Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • it ITALY - Captain Giovanni Iodice, Italian Navy
    • Deputy - Major Massimiliano Fiacchi, Italian Army
  • lv LATVIA - Colonel Egils Kupčs, Latvian Army
  • lt LITHUANIA - Colonel Aleksiejus Gaizevskis, Lithuanian Army
  • lu LUXEMBOURG - Ms. Peggy Frantzen, Luxembourgish Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • mon MONTENEGRO - Colonel Zivko Rakocevic, Montenegrin Army
  • nl THE NETHERLANDS - Captain L. (Lennart) G.J. van den Berg - Royal Netherlands Navy
  • mk NORTH MACEDONIA - Vacant
  • no NORWAY - Colonel Gerhard Larsen, Norwegian Air Force
    • Deputy - Lt. Colonel Tor Are Harvey, Norwegian Army
  • pl POLAND - Colonel Maciej Dyżlą, Polish Army
    • Deputy - Colonel Robert Sęderowski, Polish Army
  • pt PORTUGAL - Colonel Sérgio Lino de Almeida Estrela, Portuguese Air Force
  • ro ROMANIA - Captain Lucian Grigorescu, Romanian Navy
    • Deputy - Lt. Colonel Mihai-Ilie Rusu, Romanian Army
  • sk SLOVAKIA - Colonel Peter Schvarcbacher, Slovakian Army
    • Deputy - Lt. Colonel Maros Gonos, Slovakian Army
  • si SLOVENIA - Colonel Danilo Jazbec, Slovenian Army
  • es SPAIN - Colonel José Richard, Spanish Air Force
    • Deputy - Lt. Colonel Jorge Gonzalez Lopez, Spanish Marine Corps
  • tr TURKEY - Captain Gokhan Kaldirim (Deputy, acting), Turkish Air Force
  • gb UNITED KINGDOM - Colonel Paul Bates, British Army
    • Deputy - Lt. Commander Geoff Hughes, Royal Navy
  • us UNITED STATES - Colonel Ryan Levesque, United States Army
    • Deputy - Mr. Greg Freeburn, United States Department of Defence

Partnership for Peace National Liaison Representatives listed alphabetically by nation:

  • at AUSTRIA - Colonel Robin Hillinger, Austrian Army
  • az AZERBAIJAN - Lt. Colonel Sadig Farzaliyev, Azerbaijan Army
  • fi FINLAND - Captain Veli-Petteri Valkamo, Finnish Navy
  • ge GEORGIA - Vacant
  • se SWEDEN - Captain Olle Mobergh, Swedish Navy
    • Deputy - Lt. Colonel Bjoern Andersson, Swedish Army
  • ch SWITZERLAND - Lt. Colonel Blaise Pelletier, Swiss Army
  • ua UKRAINE – Colonel Hennadiy Kovalenko, Ukrainian Army

NATO Interface:

  • HQ NLR Interface - Cdr Matthew Scornavacchi, United States Navy