181204itsec01 400NATO and the United States Work Together at the Largest Modelling, Simulation, and Training Event in the World.

This year’s I/ITSEC, the largest Modelling, Simulation and Training Event in the world, was a major effort for Allied Command Transformation. Apart from the normal booth shared with the NATO Science and Technology Organisation showcasing NATO’s education and training technology capabilities, Modelling, and Simulation work, and NATO Technical and scientific working groups, Allied Command Transformation also supported other major initiative: Operation Coalition Warrior, NATO Flag participation at the opening event, an Advanced Distributed Learning directors’ workshop and a special event panel on innovation in the classroom.

The 2018 theme was Innovation in Learning – Ready – Set – Disrupt.

Operation Coalition Warrior ran over three days with each day focusing on a new area. It was coordinated between Allied Command Transformation and the United States Office of the Secretary of Defence, Force Education and Training Directorate, 20 multinational government agencies, NATO, Industry and academia.

At the I/ITSEC opening event, Admiral Grady (Fleet Forces Command) opened with a challenge to all present to drastically improve the way the United States trains and educates it forces in order to modernise its process and move from the “Industry Model” to a modern approach based on the learners’ speed and not the “one size fits all model”. General Salamida (Allied Command Transformation's Deputy Chief of Staff, Joint Force Development) identified NATO’s challenges and ambition to innovate and change the way work is done across NATO through improving its human capital and relationships with industry and academia as well as creating a fast track process and enabling its human capital to reach higher levels of understanding and capability.

On Thursday, Mr. Paul Thurkettle moderated the I/ITSEC special event panel International Innovations in the Classroom. This panel featured Air Vice Marshall Luck (British Defence Academy), Major General Salkutsan (Ukraine Defence Academy), Brigadier General Tattersall (Canadian Armed Forces), Colonel Dreike (NATO School Oberammergau Commandant), and Mr. Massart (NATO Communications and Information Agency Education and Service Line) who discussed the need to modernise their institutions against the current successful business model and the best ways to handle disruptions that will occur during these changes.

On November 25th, the annual Advanced Distributed Learning Initiative partnership workshop took place. During this meeting which comprised individuals from 14 nations, there were discussions of new standards, and co-operation and sharing of national initiatives and courses as well as challenges and solutions to issues.

I/ITSEC enables NATO and national attendees to improve their collaboration, knowledge and skills, leading to their improved ability to deliver for NATO and their nations.

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