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Allied Command Transformation, NATO’s home in North America, hosted the North Atlantic Council and Military Committee in Brussels to discuss Alliance innovation on March 22nd.

Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg opened the day’s discussions by underlining the role of General Denis Mercier, Supreme Allied Commander Transformation, to lead the Alliance in the application and understanding of disruptive technologies. These technologies hold the potential of enabling NATO to keep its technological edge against potential adversaries for years to come.

The event featured senior military and civilian from Alliance nations as well as Sophia the Robot from Hanson robotics.

Allied Command Transformation hosted the event as an enabling forum for Allied nations to share simple, understandable, and concise messages on the urgency, challenges and opportunities of emerging disruptive technologies and applications of artificial intelligence.

Opportunities and risk, governance and innovation were just some of the topics on the agenda, along with the three main challenges that Disruptive Technology and Artificial Intelligence pose to NATO:

1. Adapting to evolving threats for NATO and Nations to keep the edge;

2. Addressing State and Non-State actors; and,

3. Preventing a lack of NATO interoperability.

In his closing remarks, General Denis Mercier stressed that, “it is time for us to implement projects using these disruptive technologies, and to start to learn how to use them.”

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