180425roadsign400New road signs celebrate our partnership.

Today, the City of Norfolk posted new road signs to let travellers know they are visiting “NATO’s Home in North America.” These signs are a symbol of the strong bond that exists between the region and the international families that serve NATO in Norfolk. Foreign military personnel who work at NATO live in local neighbourhoods, send their children to public schools and try to soak up as much of the United States as they can while they’re here.

“Serving as a NATO host city distinguishes Norfolk as an indispensable global city, and the NATO signs will make visitors aware of the crucial role Norfolk performs in our international system,” Norfolk Mayor Kenny Alexander said in a statement.

The City of Norfolk estimates a million vehicles will drive by the signs every week. As both a symbol and instrument of the transatlantic security link, military and civilian members of Allied Command Transformation help the United States and all 29 Allies, and partner nations, face the challenges of a world characterized by complexity, uncertainty and increasingly rapid evolution, where threats and crises are interrelated, and where the access to disruptive technologies allows new actors to emerge and threaten collective security.

Allied Command Transformation brings hundreds of international military families to the region with an estimated annual economic impact of $100 million.