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This Newcomers' & Serving Staff area is designed to assist personnel and their family members during the relocation process to the United States and throughout their tour of duty.  These collection of pages and links contain a wealth of information related to Legal Assistance and Personal TransitionMilitary Personnel and Civilian Personnel check-in requirements and Staff Training requirements.

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Legal Assistance Section, Office of the Legal Advisor

The Legal Assistance Section, Office of the Legal Advisor, provides individualized legal support and personal transition information to HQ personnel and their dependents.

legal logo 2014 150We have a wealth of information and resources available to assist you before, during and after your move to the United States. We have developed a series of topical guides focused on legal-related matters and personal transition issues routinely encountered by staff and their family members. While this nine volume series contains information primarily relevant for staff members arriving from Europe and Canada, we are confident that Americans will also benefit given the variety of topics and issues addressed in this series. Our guides contain practical advise on preparations prior to your departure from your current assignment, what to expect upon arrival in the United States/Hampton Roads area, issues and matters you will likely encounter during your assignment, as well as issues encountered when preparing for departure for your next assignment.

Our guides are not intended to provide a complete analysis of the subjects referenced therein (Arrivals and Staff Guide, Housing, Customs, Visa and Immigration, Healthcare, Vehicles and Driving, Education, Money Matters, Pets and Departure). They are rather a compilation of information assembled utilising United States Federal and Virginia State laws and regulations, lessons learned and best practices presented in a question and answer format. The information in our publications is believed accurate as of the date of the specific guide, but is subject to change as local regulations and policies become known. Efforts are made to keep the electronic versions posted on this website up to date.

These guides are password protected; please contact your national liaison representative or representatives in the Office of the Legal Advisor ( for the current password.

Click here to access the guides.

Legal and Personal Transition Information
Orientation for Newcomers
will be conducted on scheduled dates in 2019.
Spouses and partners are welcome!

For further information please contact
+1 757 747 3900 or email


We have walk-in legal assistance hours from 0900 to 1130 daily (no appointment or advance notification necessary) – other times are available by appointment.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any legal-related or personal transition questions.

We can be reached at +1 757 747 3900 or by email:

Military Personnel (MILPERS)

The Military Personnel Section mission is to focus business practices that support military personnel and their Families by delivering effective and sustainable human resources services and support.

Military Personnel Section Staff:

Section Head: LCDR Frias 757-747-3954
Personnel Services Officer: CW4 Simms 757-747-4143
Superintendent: SMSgt Morganfield 757-747-3531
NCO: SFC Vallot 757-747-3665
NCO: PSC Dittmer 757-747-4363



Military Personnel Section would like to extend to you an extremely warm welcome to Allied Command on behalf of the Staff of the Supreme Allied Command Transformation.

You are assigned to one of two strategic commands of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), and for sure you will find the tour of duty to be very rewarding. You will have the opportunity to work with professionals from 28 NATO nations, 22 Partnership for Peace nations, all branches of the Armed Forces, and NATO civilians/contractors that comprise the staff of the Supreme Allied Command Transformation. The Alliance nations and their Partners have assembled a rich mix of talented and experienced staff to take on complex and demanding tasks, both here at Norfolk and at our subordinate organizations in Europe.


Upon arrival at the Headquarters, all military personnel must visit the Military Personnel Office to begin the check-in process. During this visit you will receive your "check-in sheet", which is a step-by-step in-processing document. You will also be provided with important information and documentation so you can begin obtaining your U.S. issued Common Access Card (CAC) and Headquarters' identification cards.


International Military Personnel Documentation Requirements

Service Member: Valid Passport; Valid Visa; NATO Orders; Security Clearance; Original Marriage Certificate (if married) with English Translation
Dependent (Spouse): Valid Passport; Valid Visa
Dependent (Child under 21 years of age): Valid Passport; Valid Visa; Original Birth Certificate with English Translation
Dependent (Child 21-23 years of age): Valid Passport, Valid Visa; Original Birth Certificate with English Translation; Proof of certification from the school’s registrar’s office stating they are enrolled in full-time post-secondary education with anticipated graduation date, and provide proof that the education institution they are attending is accredited in accordance with U.S. requirements.

U.S. Air Force U.S. Army U.S. Navy U.S. Marines
PCS/TDY Orders
Medical Record
Training Record
PCS/TDY Orders
DA 31
Current Clothing and Equipment Inventory
PCS Orders
NAVPERS 1070/602 (Page 2)
NSIPS Loss Document from Detaching Command
PCS Orders



FOR INTERNATIONAL PERSONNEL ONLY: The Military Personnel Office is responsible for obtaining all personal information to the staff member and his/her eligible dependents, and certify that information to U.S. authorities. By providing this information a representative of the Military Personnel Office will create and sign form DD-1172 for you, and your dependents to apply for U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) Identification (ID) cards. Upon arrival, international military personnel should coordinate the translation of original birth and marriage certificates into the English language with your NLR/PNLR or his/her staff. The DoD ID cards will grant access to local military installations/bases and facilities including the Commissary, Navy Exchange, Morale, Welfare, and Recreation (MWR) facilities and military treatment facilities for healthcare.

Office Locations for International Military Personnel to obtain the DoD ID card

  • Norfolk Navy Exchange (NEX) ID Lab located inside the NEX (retail store) (Building CD-13), 1560 Mall Drive, Suite 202, outside the Norfolk Naval Base;
  • Naval Base Personnel Support Detachment (PSD) Oceana, the ID Card Lab is located inside the PSD at 1161 D Avenue, Building 326, Virginia Beach, and
  • Norfolk Naval Base Personnel Support Detachment (PSD) Joint Expeditionary Base (JEB) Little Creek, the ID Card Lab is located inside the PSD at 1155 Nider Boulevard, Building 3510 Virginia Beach.

These are the only approved ID Card locations that can be used.

It is suggested that you make an appointment for issuance of the DoD ID card for each family member by visiting and following the on-screen instructions to make an appointment. Although you can visit without an appointment, you are encouraged to make an appointment for each family member to receive the DoD ID card. Otherwise the waiting times can be two or more hours.

Dependent family members who are receiving an identification card must accompany you. Dependent children age 10 and up to the age of 21 years will receive a dependent ID card, and must also attend the appointment. Dependent children 21 years of age, and less than 23 years of age, are eligible for an ID card, provided they are enrolled in full-time post-secondary education, and provide proof in accordance with U.S. requirements. Children under the age of 10 years are not required to attend the appointment as they are not ordinarily issued an identification card, but must be listed by the Military Personnel office on Form DD-1172-2 to be properly registered for benefits, including healthcare.

Documentation Requirements for ID lab:
For International Military Personnel ONLY, provide the following:

Original birth certificates for all family members applying (with English translation, see NLR/PNLR office for requirements); Original marriage certificate if married (with English translation, see NLR/PNLR office for requirements); Valid passports and visas.

HQ Staff Training Section

The mission of the HQ Staff Training Section is to provide internal training to staff personnel, ensuring that they are fully trained and educated to work effectively within HQ SACT.


Our Section will help you to familiarize quickly with NATO and HQ SACT and to better understand the HQs output, structure and working processes. Your training will always begin with orientation and, after being settled, continue with more "in depth" cross functional training and training necessary for individual posts and evolving professional development.

We can be reached at: +1 757 747 3334/4034/4327/4410, don't hesitate to contact us even before your arrival in Norfolk!