180711 summitA stronger and more agile Alliance

The Brussels Summit comes at a crucial moment for the security of the North Atlantic Alliance. It will be an important opportunity to chart NATO's path for the years ahead.

In a changing world, NATO is adapting to be a more agile, responsive and innovative Alliance, while defending all of its members against any threat.

NATO remains committed to fulfilling its three core tasks: collective defence, crisis management and cooperative security. At the Brussels Summit, the Alliance will make important decisions to further boost security in and around Europe, including through strengthened deterrence and defence, projecting stability and fighting terrorism, enhancing its partnership with the European Union, modernising the Alliance and achieving fairer burden-sharing.

This Summit will be held in the new NATO Headquarters, a modern and sustainable home for a forward-looking Alliance.

It will be the third meeting of Allied Heads of State and Government chaired by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.

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inclusive security logoNATO Engages: The Brussels Summit Dialogue

NATO Engages Event Aim. In July 2018, NATO’s Public Diplomacy Division and its partners will host ‘NATO Engages: The Brussels Summit Dialogue’ on the margins of the main NATO Summit in Brussels. The event will serve as an ideal platform to deepen and amplify the Summit’s core themes. It will do so by engaging a diverse range of opinion formers, policymakers, and multipliers, including younger audiences and digital influencers. The themes of the event seek to complement the main Summit agenda. One of the topics for the main plenary on-the-record sessions includes “Inclusive Security.”

Inclusive Security Aim. A topic of significant importance to the Alliance is that of Inclusive Security. All partners are keen to ensure that discussions on Women, Peace, and Security, Children and Armed Conflict, and the Protection of Civilians have a leading role in the ‘NATO Engages’ programme.

Inclusive Security Categories: The Inclusive Security collective includes Children and Armed Conflict, Cultural Property Protection, Conflict-Related Sexual and Gender-Based Violence, Protection of Civilians, and Women, Peace and Security. Each component has a bearing on the others.

Milestone Events. 12 July 2018, NATO HQ, Brussels, Belgium, NATO ENGAGES: The Brussels Summit Dialogue

Fact sheets:

Children and Armed Conflict

Conflict-Related Sexual and Gender-Based Violence

Cultural Property Protection

Protection of Civilians

Women, Peace, and Securit​y

Immersive Technology Event