180927open400Allied Commander Transformation officially transitioned the Open Perspective Exchange Network (OPEN) experiment to full capability on Sept. 28, 2018.

For the last two years, the OPEN experiment, in addition to improving awareness and understanding through developing strategic thinking products, brought together non-NATO, non-military communities of interest outside of the standard military channels.

The Warsaw Summit set the ambition for 360 degree awareness which was the catalyst for the OPEN experiment.

Vice Admiral Paul M. Bennett, presided over the transition ceremony, emphasizing in his remarks the value of OPEN and its mission to provide the views of others which are those perspectives from non-NATO, non-military actors such as academia and non-governmental organisations.

“The OPEN experiment sought to bridge commonalities so that the Alliance may be able to partner quickly and effectively with non-NATO contributors,” said Robin Barnett, NATO Civilian and OPEN Experimentation Lead. “This enabled us to advance techniques in building and sustaining human networks, and improve the Alliances’ ability to share information equitable among a diverse team, thereby fostering trust and reciprocity.”

OPEN will continue to support Allied Command Transformation and NATO Strategic Direction – Southern Hub.

“OPEN will continue to examine complex challenges and crises from non-NATO perspectives, favouring diversity, innovative thinking, and high-quality, widely-shared, and substantiated reporting,” said Major General Hickman, Deputy Chief of Staff Strategic Plans and Policy.

“The transition from our experiment to capability exemplifies how we work together cross-functionally,” said Major General, Stefano V. Salamida Deputy Chief of Staff Joint Force Development. “The integration of experimentation to find solutions is one of the most successful drivers of Allied Command Transformation.”

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