171208poc400A training event presents NATO's progress on protecting civilians.

Norfolk, VA – On Friday, NATO’s Allied Command Transformation hosted a training event to present NATO’s progress on protecting civilians, in line with a policy first announced at the 2016 Warsaw Summit.

The policy provides a definitive understanding of what Protection of Civilians means for NATO. The concept recognises the complexities of modern warfare and the holistic nature of protecting civilians in both natural and man-made crises situations. Protecting civilians necessitates understanding the human environment, mitigating harm, facilitating access to basic needs and contributing to a safe a secure environment.

Experts from NATO, the United Nations, the International Committee of the Red Cross, and the Finnish Defense Forces International Centre shared their opinions and visions on the policy that NATO will implement in 2018. NATO’S Bi-Strategic Command Protection of Civilians team briefed international military personnel and civilians on planned implementation of the Protection of Civilians policy, while sharing best practices on how personnel can successfully collaborate, through innovative ways and means, to quickly develop concepts and capabilities.

Since the Warsaw Summit, NATO Allied Command Transformation and Allied Command Operations have worked closely with subject matter experts from across the International Community to better understand how this can be achieved. This work has resulted in the development of a NATO Military Concept on the Protection of Civilians that will drive and efforts to revise NATOs training, education, and operational doctrine.

To learn more about NATO’s Policy for the Protection of Civilians, download this fact sheet.