nato geo logoExercise Background
Following the 2008 Bucharest Summit Declaration, a "NATO Georgia Commission" (NGC) was established, in September 2008, to serve as a forum for both political consultations and practical cooperation to help Georgia achieve its goal of transformation towards NATO standards; NGC creates the Substantial NATO Georgia Package (SNGP).

In September 2014, Heads of State and Government endorse SNGP and its initiatives during the 2014 Wales Summit; SNGP serves as a vehicle to Defense Capacity Building. In October 2015 the NATO Military Committee approves a Bi-Strategi Command assessment and recommendation to conduct Periodic NATO Exercises in Georgia.

Exercise Aim
The NATO-Georgia Exercise 2016 (NATO-GEO EX16) is an Allied Command Transformation (ACT) sponsored Computer Assisted Exercise / Command Post Exercise (CAX/CPX). The exercise will educate and train Georgian Armed Forces (GAF) General Staff (GS) to plan and conduct an exercise with a Georgia-led Multinational Brigade Headquarters in a Non-Article 5 Crisis Response Operation. The exercise consists of limited complexity involving combat incidents with some medium intensity moments. The Multinational Brigade HQ is the primary training audience. Training will be conducted at the Joint Training and Evaluation Center, Krtsanisi Georgia.

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Key Players

  • OSE (Officer Scheduling the Exercise) – HQ, Allied Command Transformation (ACT)
  • OCE (Officer Conducting the Exercise) – Georgian Armed Forces
  • ODE (Officer Directing the Exercise) – Joint Force Training Center
  • Mentor – HQ LANDCOM: provides “process-focused” advice and mentorship on the NATO Exercise Process to the OCE. Additionally, provides support to the GEO Armed Forces Staff, JTEC Ex Planners, GEO MOD Staff (LEGAD, Protocol, STRATCOM, MEDIA, Other staff sections)
  • Allied Participation - Belgium, Bulgaria, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Netherlands, Romania, Turkey, United Kingdom and USA.
  • Partner Participation - Ukraine