msr rt 18The Combined Joint Operations from the Sea Centre of Excellence in Norfolk is hosting its third Maritime Security Regimes Roundtable 2018 at the Slover Library in downtown Norfolk from 24-25 April 2018.

This is a follow-up to the last event held in Norfolk in 2016, and as a result to the findings and recommendations in the Maritime Security Regimes Roundtable 16 Report of Proceedings.

The theme of this year's multinational forum is "Exploiting Synergies to Improve Delivery of Global Maritime Situational Awareness."

The aim of Maritime Security Regimes Roundtable 18 will be to shape an information sharing framework for the world's maritime security community to facilitate more effective maritime situational awareness information exchange.

Building on the findings and recommendations of Maritime Security Regimes Roundtable 16, for the Maritime Security Regimes Roundtable 18 we have defined these objectives:

  • Identify and share best practices and practical solutions to address identified challenges; and
  • Form the basis of an agreed framework for improved information sharing and collaboration among the Maritime Security Regimes from across the Global Maritime Community of Interest

The desired end state will be a self-sustained international structure linking maritime security regimes around the world.

The forum will be conducted at the unclassified level, and the empowered audience will be drawn from the international Maritime Situational Awareness community, representing a strong cross-section of government, non-government, military, academic, and industry stakeholders.

For Maritime Security Regimes Roundtable 18, Combined Joint Operations from the Sea Centre of Excellence will be using a panel format structured to balance geographic and institutional representation. There will be four panels, each one assigned one of 4 sub-themes: Law, Process, Shipping Industry and Regional perspective. Each panel will consist of 4 panelists, chosen as a result of their experience and/or current position in the field of Maritime Situational Awareness or maritime security. There will be an introductory presentation given by a panel chair, framing the subject of the panel discussion, followed by three panelist speakers who will each provide perspective on the sub-themes based on their background and experience. Each panel sub-theme and supporting presentations are designed to trigger questions and stimulate discussion amongst all the participants.

The invited panellists are all senior leaders in respective Maritime Security Regimes - both military and civilian. Consequently, Maritime Security Regimes Roundtable 18 will have a good mix of both military and civilian participants and panelists.

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