180715modsim400Allied Command Transformation chairs the inaugural group meeting.

Headquarters, Supreme Allied Commander Transformation recently chaired the inaugural meeting of the Science and Technology Organisation sponsored Modelling and Simulation Group 161, “Modelling and Simulation Action Plan for Training.”

The purpose of the meeting was for the training community and modelling and simulation solution providers to discuss how training gaps could be addresses with modelling and simulation. Allied Command Operations and Allied Command Transformation were both represented along with the International Military Staff and several other involved organisations including Centres of Excellence.

The work did not start from scratch. Basic gaps were previously identified using the global training system and verified by the Department Heads. The gaps were monitored by the Military Committee and a task sent to Allied Command Transformation to develop an Action Plan to solve the gaps.

For the purposes of the meeting, the gaps were looked at through four lenses. The first three were the domains of land, maritime and air. The fourth lens was that of exercises. The gaps were clarified by asking specific questions such as would modelling and simulation by beneficial for the training gap, is simulation support available and would simulation support be sufficient to satisfy the gap?

The three day workshop moved the Action Plan ahead noticeably ensuring that the team will be ready with the next updated due to the Military Committee in September.