mlearning 13Mobile learning (m-Learning) is the use of portable computing devices, such as iPads and other tablets, laptops, personal digital assistants (PDAs) and smart phones connected to wireless networks. It enables teaching and learning to extend to spaces beyond the traditional classroom. It allows instructors and learners increased flexibility and new opportunities for interaction that is convenient and accessible from virtually anywhere.

The ease of the m-Learning environment, with the typical student accessing data on demand, on a chosen device opens new possibilities as well as new challenges to the training environment. Students have the convenience and flexibility of using a mobile device to assist in the learning process. For example, m-Learning can provide visual guides and quick reference materials to students such as technicians working on equipment. With the GPS capabilities of phones and other mobile devises, courses can be dynamic in nature and guide students during familiarisation training or provide immediate access to support on demand, whether in the workplace or in the field. Traditional e-Learning courses can be scaled to smaller screen sizes and specifically designed to accommodate mobile devices.