nif2018“We will further develop our partnership with industry and academia from all Allies
to keep pace with technological advances through innovation.”

Brussels Summit Declaration

At the first NATO-Industry Forum (NIF) in 2013, NATO launched the Framework for NATO Industry Engagement as an attestation of the Alliance’s commitment to improving dialogue with industry, streamlining capability development and becoming a knowledgeable customer. With the introduction of the Framework for NATO Industry Engagement, NATO’s transactional relationship with industry evolved to become more open and collaborative. No longer would military requirements be developed in isolation, but industry’s input would be requested earlier in the capability development process to inform NATO’s capability requirements and develop innovative solutions for the Alliance’s future.

The NIF18 takes place against the backdrop of an uncertain and complex security environment in which rapid advancements in commercial technology have opened new militarized frontiers and exposed the Alliance to increased attack by state and non-state actors. The rapid speed at which technology is advancing and diversifying increases the Alliance’s demand on traditional and non-traditional defence industries for innovative solutions to multidimensional threats. The NIF invites industrial leadership from across the Alliance to engage in in-depth discussion about NATO’s capability requirements, the capability development process and overall adaptation of the Alliance to meet the challenges of today’s world. In the context of the growing number of capabilities that make it feasible for competitors to challenge the Alliance politically, military and technologically, this year’s NIF focuses on Innovation and Emerging & Disruptive Technologies.

The NATO-Industry Forum 2018 takes place only 4 months after the NATO Summit in Brussels, at which Allies’ reaffirmed a commitment made in Warsaw to maintain NATO’s technological edge through innovation and strong relations with industry. However, for industry to contribute effectively to NATO capabilities they require an understanding of the customer’s intent going forward, an idea of the budget likely to be available and an indication of the commitment to pursue solutions based on these parameters. Changes to the NATO Defence Planning Process are being made to facilitate closer collaboration with industry and “more than half of Allies are spending more than 20% of their defence expenditures on major equipment, including related research and development.” (Brussels Summit Declaration). The NIF 18 will allow industry to voice what more needs to be done to better shape the NATO-Industry relationship.

Hosted by Germany, the NATO-Industry Forum 2018 will take place in Berlin at the Sheraton Grand Hotel Esplanade from 12 to 13 November 2018. The NATO-Industry Forum is sponsored by the NATO Secretary General, and co-organized by the Supreme Allied Commander Transformation and the Assistant Secretary General for Defence Investment. It welcomes prominent leadership from traditional and non-traditional industries across the Alliance, as well as senior representatives from the European Union. This year, participants will strategize as how to harness emerging and disruptive technologies for integration into NATO’s current capability programs and open capability requirements. Discussion will centralize around NATO’s business model and take into account the changes required to bring the Alliance into the future.

Registration to the NATO-Industry Forum will open in August 2018.

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