Invitation for International Bidding (IFIB) for Contractor Support to Develop Continuous Information and Knowledge Management (IKM) Improvement Activities across HQ SACT.

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Bids shall be received at HQ SACT, Purchasing and Contracting Office, no later than 12 April 2019, 1500 hours, Eastern Standard Time, Norfolk, Virginia, USA. No bids shall be accepted after this time and date.

Background: Headquarters Supreme Allied Commander Transformation’s (HQ SACT) Tasking and Knowledge Management Branch (TKM) requires specialised support to develop, implement, transition and sustain further IKM continuous improvements. Additionally, this tasking requires to build upon existing work strands and rapid execution of associated deliverables; therefore, the most appropriate and cost-effective means of meeting this requirement is through the continued surge provision of technical support through a current specialist contractor.

Task-specific Background: Throughout 2016, changes were implemented to the way in which electronic information was managed across HQ SACT on the NATO SECRET (NS) domain only, specifically employing the use of SharePoint 2013. Endorsed by the HQ SACT leadership, it was an ambitious project to accomplish a needed transformational change in the way people worked; it sought to capitalize on available technology to assist HQ SACT staff to internally collaborate to a greater degree than was done previously. Addressing the cultural shift that these changes engendered, such as emphasising the NATO IM policy on the ‘responsibility to share’ balanced by the ‘need to know’ and encouraging the utilisation of appropriate document repositories was a major thrust of this effort. It also became obvious that technical responsibilities have to be removed from the staff members identified as functional administrators, in order to turn them into content managers.
Follow-on requirements were identified to capitalize on those efforts and implement further IKM improvements. These requirements were mitigated by contractual support but it became obvious Summer 2018 when these tools were adopted that further IKM resource was required. Although additional IKM resource has been included within the NCS-A manpower structure, the additional post is unlikely to be filled in the short term. Additionally, the requirement for continuity in the skillset required from the additional post has been further reinforced. Until manned in accordance with the new command structure, the IKM section requires the correct skillset in order to fulfill HQ SACT strategic milestones.