Invitation for International Bidding (IFIB) for Contractor Support for "Strategies for Writing" course. HQ SACT is located on Naval Support Activity at 7857 Blandy Road, Suite 100, Norfolk, VA.

Bids shall be received at HQ SACT, Purchasing and Contracting Office, no later than 14 November 2018, 15:00 hours, Eastern Standard Time, Norfolk, Virginia, USA. No bids shall be accepted after this time and date.

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Purpose and Scope. The Allied Command Transformation Staff Training requires contractor support to provide a Strategies for Writing course which is designed to improve the quality of strategic documents produced by the staff.
In order to promulgate and promote SACT’s Intent and Vision, documents produced as output by the headquarters staff must be of the highest quality. HQ SACT creates many documents which are targeted at NATO HQ, SHAPE and National Authorities. These documents are used to influence decisions, create policy throughout NATO and justify the HQ Program of work. These documents must be extremely clear, concise and using proper grammar and formatting. The majority of Job Descriptions for this HQ require Standard Language Proficiency of 3 in English for writing and speaking. For the documents produced as output from this HQ the standard needs to be higher in order for them to provide the necessary desired impact on the receiving audience.
The level of expertise required for this training course is beyond the set of skills of the Headquarters Staff.