170117mccsGeneral Denis Mercier, Supreme Allied Commander Transformation, with General Peter Pavel, Chairman of the Military Committee, and General Curtis Scaparotti, Supreme Allied Commander Europe, met with the NATO Chiefs of Defence over the past two days to discuss NATO’s Command Structure, NATO’s strengthened Defence and Deterrence posture and Projecting Stability. NATO military leaders also reviewed the way forward for the RESOLUTE SUPPORT Mission in Afghanistan, met with their Mediterranean Dialogue and Interoperability Platform counterparts, and met with NATO partners Georgia and Ukraine.

These high-level military meetings, held in Brussels, Belgium, occur twice a year to discuss NATO operations and missions and provide the North Atlantic Council with consensus-based military advice on how the Alliance can best meet global security challenges. Once a year the committee meets in an Allied member country.

General Mercier spoke to the challenge or tying NATO’s current activities to the challenges of the future. “The role of my Headquarters is to try to continuously anticipate and look at new ideas and try to shape tomorrow, he said. “The NATO Command Structure functional assessment is a very important milestone in the follow-up of the Warsaw Summit, and it lays the foundations necessary to engage further in the adaptation of our structures.”

General Pavel, Chairman of the NATO Military Committee, emphasized that, “the Chiefs of Defence were able to evaluate and shape future work as well as provide additional guidance on key areas, which will be subsequently discussed by Ministers next month during their Defence Ministerial.”

NATO continues to work with their partner, Georgia, towards defence reform and the way ahead for the Substantial NATO-Georgia Implementation Package. You can read more about Allied Command Transformation leadership on that issue here.

The Military Committee’s session with Ukraine provided an opportunity for an update on the security situation in and around Ukraine and assessed the progress of the security and defence sector reforms. The last meeting of the day saw the Chiefs of Defence exchange views on Russia and the challenges that nation poses to international peace and security.