180420nyc400United Nations, FBI, NY Police Department.

From Monday, April 16th to Wednesday, April 18th, Supreme Allied Commander Transformation, General Denis Mercier, spoke with the United Nations, the Federal Bureau of Investigations, the New York Police Department, the Council on Foreign Relations and New York University about NATO’s adaptation in a rapidly changing security environment.

General Mercier first delivered speeches to the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force and the New York Police Department Intelligence Bureau. At these events, General Mercier spoke candidly about international security challenges that the Alliance is working to confront and the processes through which we prepare for the future. Notably, he shared that Allied Command Transformation is always open to collaborating on security issues with a range or partners and stakeholders, including the Federal Bureau of Investigations and the New York Police Department.

General Mercier met with numerous Ambassadors and military advisors both at the United Nations and the Council on Foreign Relations. General Mercier said, “in a world where no organization has the capacity to solve and prevent all crises by itself, we are also enhancing our efforts to coordinate our actions with partner nations and other international organizations, and the UN is a part of this effort.”

NATO is the most successful military Alliance in the world because we have been able to adapt. Today, we continue to adapt to the most serious global security challenges in a generation. As well as strengthening our collective defence, we are stepping up our efforts to fight terrorism and project stability beyond our borders. We are also working even more closely with the European Union, and delivering a NATO Command Structure fit for purpose, with new commands to improve the movement of troops across the Atlantic, and within Europe. It will place greater focus on military mobility, logistics, maritime security, and cyber defence. We will continue to adapt for the 21st century so that we can keep our people safe in a more challenging world.

General Mercier also spoke with New York University about NATO’s adaptation in a rapidly changing security environment – a world in which technology is profoundly transforming the way we plan, prepare, and conduct operations.