190213defmins400General Andre Lanata participated in Allied Defence Ministers meeting in Brussels on 13th and 14th February 2019.

During these two days, Ministers discussed arms control, current operations and missions, burden-sharing, and European defence.

The critical issue of burden sharing, in terms of funding, capabilities and contributions were discussed. All Allies are modernising their equipment and contributing more to NATO’s missions and operations.

Within PG19, the Level of Ambition approved by the Allies defines a balance between “credible military capability, in order to keep Alliance’s military edge, and political realism.

In this context, the Nato Defence Planning Process is essential to the Alliance due to its coordinating effect that strengthens coherence and interoperability.

General Lanata declared: ‘’My responsibility in ACT, with ACO strong support, is now to drive the next step. We will now look at the requirement of minimum capabilities; make them evolve, adapt them and innovate for beginning of next year’’.

The Secretary General called also for closer cooperation on defence spending, new capabilities, military mobility, and “ensuring the fullest possible involvement of non-EU NATO Allies.”

On completion of the two days, the Secretary General described the Alliance as “in good shape” as its approaches its 70th anniversary in Washington in April.

ACT is now looking forward to celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Alliance in Washington in April, which is a further opportunity to discuss current and future security challenges.