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Experimentation and Wargaming, formerly Operational Experimentation, is a compact, yet versatile organisation within NATO’s Headquarters Supreme Allied Commander Transformation, based in Norfolk, Virginia, USA.

EWB delivers transformation to the Alliance through the conduct of controlled experiments and wargames. Controlled experiments discover information, test hypotheses, and validate concepts before committing significant resources. The envisioned end-state is a wargaming capability that enables NATO’s competitive edge, characterized by creation, discovery, and exploitation of opportunities in a fail-safe environment using analytical rigor to inform political decision-making and military actions at the strategic, operational and tactical levels.

With an operational bias, EWB works with field operators and subject matter experts such as academia, industry, NATO/national bodies, and non-government organisations.

Experimentation and Wargaming enables the Alliance to better understand what works, what doesn’t, and why.

OPEX Fact Sheets 2019

Adaptive Scalable System for Operational C2 Integrating Ad hoc Teams Effectively (ASSOCIATE) Fact Sheet

Artificial Intelligence Front End Learning Information Execution (AI FELIX)

Collaborative Resilience (CoRe) Workshop Fact Sheet

Command and Control Enablers for the Protection of Civilians Fact Sheet

Concept Development & Experimentation CDE365 Fact Sheet

Concept Development & Experimentation Course Fact Sheet

Concept Development & Experimentation Exchange Fact Sheet

Concept Development & Experimentation Programme of Work Fact Sheet

Concept Development & Experimentation Working Group Fact Sheet

Common Funded Capability Delivery Model Fact Sheet

Countering Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (C-sUAS) Fact Sheet

Cross Branch Functional Mentoring Experiment Fact Sheet

Enabling Coherent Deterrence Fact Sheet

Experimenting in Exercises Fact Sheet

Future Land Command & Control Fact Sheet

Information Environment Assessment Fact Sheet

International Concept Development and Experimentation Conference Fact Sheet

Medical Bio-Responsiveness Fact Sheet

Medical Civil-Military Interface Fact Sheet

Medical Modular Approach Fact Sheet

Mine Countermeasures Concept Development and Experimentation

Multinational Capability Development Campaign - Countering Hybrid Warfare 3 Fact Sheet

Multinational Capability Development Campaign - Future Leadership Fact Sheet

Multinational Capability Development Campaign - Military Uses of Artificial Intelligence, Automation, and Robotics

Open Perspectives Exchange Network Fact Sheet

Operational Experimentation in Current Operations (eFP/tFP) Fact Sheet

Operational Logistics Chain Management Fact Sheet

OPEX Fact Sheet

Professional Doctorate Experiment Fact Sheet

Protection of Civilians Fact Sheet 2019

Rapid Deployment Inter-Theatre Movement in Europe (RDIM-E) Fact Sheet

SATCOM Acceptance Testing and Future SATCOM Capability Concept Development Fact Sheet

Scenario Based Discussion and Wargaming Fact Sheet 2019

OPEX Backgrounders

Military Committee Scenario Based Discussion on Counter Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems

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ASSOCIATE Backgrounder

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