e learning forum 2016Now in its 11th year, the Forum seeks to be NATO’s leading conference for distance learning and the technology to support it. The Forum will be held at the Virginia Modelling and Simulations Centre, Suffolk, Virginia, USA from August 30th to September 1st 2016. It is open to all NATO nations as well as partners (MCD Funding available, ePRIME event ACT.293.9), CoEs, PTECs, and will have representation from industry and academia.

The Forum is designed for both developers of e-Learning as well as “customers” using or interested in how e-Learning can support their education and training needs. This year the focus will be on “The e-Learning of Tomorrow”, investigating emerging technology and pedagogy development as well as discussing the fundamental shift in thinking across the world of e-Learning and how NATO and our nations are reacting to it. Realizing the convergence of innovation and e-Learning, this Forum will focus on performance improvement in the workplace. New developments in the management of NATO e-Learning and the future dimensions of training concern everyone in NATO seeking to be competitive, efficient and effective in the 21st century.

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