190208innohub400On February 8, 2019, Mr. Emmanuel Chiva, the Director of the French Defence Innovation Agency, visited NATO Allied Command Transformation and Supreme Allied Commander Transformation, General Andre Lanata.

As one of the two strategic commands of NATO, Allied Command Transformation is responsible for the assessment of future trends, capability development and training. Allied Command Transformation has also assumed a primary role in defence and military innovation. This is a critical function for NATO because the ever dynamic security environment now features a speed of technological progress that is dazzling.

Allied Command Transformation is committed to searching for innovative solutions to present and future security challenges.

During his time at Allied Command Transformation, Mr. Chiva visited the Innovation Hub, located at Old Dominion University. In a multidisciplinary approach, and using a network of more than 3000 experts, the Innovation Hub allows ACT to be a significant contributor towards the development of innovative solutions that are closer to the evolving needs of NATO Alliance members. This is accomplished by:

- A strong network collaborating on open innovation;
- A Community of experts to deliver analysis;
- Multidisciplinary approach;
- Ability to understand problems and deliver solutions;
- A pertinent member within a global innovation ecosystem.

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