Headquarters Allied Command Transformation (HQ SACT), Staff Training Coordination Section (STC) is HQ SACT's enabler and a vehicle for the individual education and training, delivered to all personnel serving with HQ SACT. The STC mission is to provide residential education and training for staff personnel, in order to ensure that every member is fully trained and educated to work effectively.

Essential role of STC is to furnish timely and effective educational and training events for familiarization of the incumbent with NATO Alliance and Allied Command Transformation (ACT). Furthermore, facilitate a thorough understanding about ACT`s output, its structure and working processes.

The contractor provider's main area of responsibility will be to oversee and manage the seat allocation procedures, required for a candidate to acquire a seat for a specific course at NATO School Oberammergau. The service includes being the Single Point of Contact (SPoC) at ACT, and be responsible for the subject matter expert- completing all students' enrollment from ACT with efficiency and accuracy.

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