180312cmc400Adaptation, Innovation, Partnership.

General Petr Pavel, Chairman of the NATO Military Committee, visited NATO’s Allied Command Transformation on March 12th as a follow-up to the recent Military Committee Visit to Allied Command Transformation in Lisbon at the end of February.

As the most successful military Alliance in the world, NATO needs to adapt to stay relevant in the 21st century facing disruptive technologies and new security challenges.

Adaptation is a multi-faceted endeavour, and the aim of these meetings is to plan the pathway into the future, defining the priorities and the shortfalls of this long-term process.

General Pavel met with General Mercier, Supreme Allied Commander Transformation, to further enhance the cooperation between the Military Committee and Allied Command Transformation. As the outgoing Chairman of the Military Committee, General Pavel recognised the role of Allied Command Transformation in adapting and transforming the Alliance to meet emerging threats, and was encouraged by Allied Command Transformation programme of work, implementing change and promoting innovation across the Alliance.

During their consultations, General Pavel asked General Mercier to smoothly and swiftly guide the ongoing implementation of the NATO Command Structure adaptation through the alignment of efforts from Allies and NATO Headquarters.

He highlighted ACT’s key role in leveraging the overall Alliance potential to address future challenges, and encouraged ACT in their endeavours to share innovative initiatives from the Nations that are beneficial to the enhancement of NATO's posture.

He stressed NATO’s needs to leverage partnerships to another level of magnitude, and to embrace a fully comprehensive approach with like-minded organizations, such as the United Nations and the European Union, in order to address future security challenges.

NATO’s efforts to stay relevant and maintain its edge are closely connected with its ability to improve the Alliance today, shaping the Alliance of tomorrow, whilst bridging the two into an uninterrupted innovation endeavour.