150618hq250Allied Command Transformation (ACT) partners with NATO Headquarters (HQ) to help improve Information Knowledge Management (IKM) systems used to handle critical information that support NATO strategic decision making and crisis management planning.

Requested by the Assistant Secretary General for Executive Management in March 2013, ACT assisted the Information, Communication and Technology Management Directorate (ICTM) in preparation for NATO’s move into the new headquarters building in 2016. ACT’s Operational Experimentation Branch (OPEX) designed the NATO Information Management Experiment (NIMEx) campaign to validate and provide quality assurance to the ICTM directorate. This partnership ensured the improved technology would deliver the benefits as expected and provide maximum return on investment for NATO HQ staff.

“This access to an independent assessment over progress of this important IKM programme is of great value and benefit to us,” said Catherine Gerth, Section Head for the Archives and Information Management Section at NATO HQ.

OPEX staff travelled to NATO HQ on June 3rd 2015 to assess the success of the new IKM tool suite NATODocs. This and other supporting technologies within the IKM programme are designed to provide life cycle management of NATO information and support the execution of NATO’s IKM and security policies.

“NATODocs offers a more powerful information management system that fully supports NATO HQ’s business and provides user confidence that information will get to the right place on time, and can be retrieved easily,” said Martin Dutness, a business analyst for the Enterprise Information Management Programme.

The implementation of NATODocs is the second part of a programme comprised of seven solution sets. The programme aims to integrate Tasker Tracker Enterprise and other tools, and help manage the vast flow of information exchanged between the International Staff, International Military Staff, national delegations and external entities.