stability policing

As stated in the 2016 Warsaw Summit Declaration, the allies "seek to contribute more to the efforts of the international community in projecting stability and strengthening security outside our territory, thereby contributing to Alliance security overall."

In order to meet this mission, NATO needs to develop an expeditionary approach and capability. The aim of this workshop is to identify a comprehensive list of Doctrine, Organization, Training, Material, Leadership, Personnel, Facilities and Interoperability requirements for an effective NATO Stability Policing Concept. This concept supports the Projecting Stability aspirations of NATO's Allied Command Transformation Campaign Plan designed to contribute to the realization of the overarching Warsaw Summit themes of defence, deterrence and projecting stability.

Stability Policing is based on the principle of working in partnership with the local, regional, and national communities and authorities. However, under a Comprehensive Approach, other military and non-military actors including Intergovernmental Organizations, Non-Governmental Organizations, indigenous and international police forces, and contractors will likely contribute to Stability Policing activities. In addition, some of these actors may be key in providing specialized or modular/plug-in capabilities to address specific requirements during a Stability Policing mission.

The NATO Stability Policing Concept Development conferences and workshops aim at stimulating expert discussion on Stability Policing to begin work on the NATO Stability Policing concept, in order to develop capabilities supporting the implementation of the Projecting Stability aspirations from the 2016 Warsaw Summit Declaration.

All conferences will commence with a plenary session on the first day, with presentations from the United Nations, African Union, European Union and Allied Command Transformation to cover a variety of Stability Policing issues and provide various perspectives. Plenary sessions are broadcasted live on the Allied Command Transformation Innovation Hub webpage dedicated to the Stability Policing project.

Attendees of the workshop will further explore issues relate to the development of a NATO Stability Policing Concept and its requirements. The aim for the conferences is to facilitate a robust discussion, understand different perspectives and gather data to support development of a NATO Stability Policing concept.

A series of conferences and workshops has been designed to develop a NATO Stability Policing Concept. Major conference and workshop events in the concept development timeline include:

Rome (Italy), October 24th - 28th, 2016

Bucharest (Romania), February 26th - March 2nd, 2017

Amsterdam (The Nederlands), May 15th - 19th, 2017: register here

Vicenza (Italy), October 23rd - 27th, 2017