Deliverables in Support of HQ SACT Transnet Development

Bids shall be received at HQ SACT, Purchasing and Contracting Office, no later than 19 July 2016, 0900 hours, Eastern Standard Time, Norfolk, Virginia, USA. No bids shall be accepted after this time and date.

Task-specific Background
The importance of TRANSNET based on SharePoint 2013, as a contributor to Alliance transformation, has increased. TRANSNET enables experts to work together to further transformation within NATO and among Alliance and Partner Nations.

The three Primary TRANSNET collaboration methods are:
1. Maintain information in a Community of Interest
2. Maintain your own Community linked from this Portal
3. Submit information for posting on an existing Community of Interest

Scope of Work
Developing the TRANSNET Portal to enhance user performance and attract new communities of interest that promote and support a greater level of effort for innovative and comprehensive transformation. TRANSNET must be attractive to the users, in order to promote further use of its capabilities and resources. It must enhance interaction with the portal and its users by providing better user interface with its features.