ffao"Framework for Future Alliance Operations 2015"

Long-Term Military Transformation (LTMT) is Allied Command Transformation’s (ACT) process for anticipating and preparing for the ambiguous, complex and rapidly-changing future security environment. The first component of LTMT, the Strategic Foresight Analysis (SFA) 2013, provides a trend analysis, based on national and international studies, describing the long-term aspects of the likely future security environment in 2030. The second component, the Framework for Future Alliance Operations (FFAO) which uses the SFA 2013 report as a foundation, proposes how Alliance forces might transform and recommends abilities that the Alliance may need to develop over the next 15 years to be successful in the future security environment of 2030 and beyond. FFAO is intended to directly inform all steps of the NATO Defence Planning Process (NDPP). FFAO will also inform other transformation and defence planning efforts.

Allied Command Transformation collaborated with Allied Command Operations and the Member and Partner Nations, NATO staff, academia, and industry to develop a shared perspective of the future security environment. LTMT products provide this long-range perspective and are intended to inform senior leaders and defence planners as they prepare the Alliance to address future challenges and opportunities. Allied Command Transformation will update SFA and FFAO on a four-year cycle in concert with the NDPP.

SFA 2013 identifies a complex future for the Alliance. It is a future with risk and uncertainty, threats and opportunities, which will be fuelled by rapid social, scientific, technological and environmental change, and exacerbated by the pervasive effects of globalisation. To prepare for this complex future, the FFAO supports the three Core Tasks assigned in the 2010 Strategic Concept and plans for the current Level of Ambition into the future security environment of 2030. FFAO is divided into three sections: Instability Situations, Strategic Military Perspectives and Military Implications.