170221mscThe world’s foremost strategic international security thinkers and leaders joined together at the Munich Security Conference in February.

Secretary Mattis, US Secretary of Defense, was present during this conference, having previously served as Supreme Allied Commander Transformation between 2007 and 2009.  He made the following comment regarding the Command:

"NATO has only two Supreme Allied Commanders: such is the importance NATO places on adaptation, that one of those two commanders is assigned the sole mission of charting NATO’s constant Transformation. Supreme Allied Command for Transformation is the only NATO HQ in the U.S. Commanded by a four-star French general, he leads some of the best strategic thinkers from our Nations, drawn from all the Nations. And this demonstrates the level of importance that we in NATO place on adapting the Alliance to new threats such as terrorism, cyber threats, and hybrid war. We are engaged as we speak to ensure the Alliance is relevant and fit for its time."

NATO’s Allied Command Transformation promotes and leads many initiatives designed to transform NATO's military structure, its forces, capabilities and doctrine. NATO’s Allied Command Transformation's main responsibilities include education, training and exercises, as well as conducting experiments to assess new concepts, and promote interoperability throughout the Alliance. In 2017, the Command will work with NATO nations and partner nations to improve today, shape tomorrow and bridge the two.