170328usps400NATO's home in North America, Allied Command Transformation, is home to leaders in the simulation technology field of virtual words and virtual reality.

With the pace of innovation increasing in public and private sectors, the Alliance is compelled to adapt to an ever-changing security environment by driving innovation. Simulation is one of the technologies used to provide innovative solutions to the Alliance and NATO nations. In March 2017, NATO was invited by the US Postal Service to the Postal Innovation Platform in Washington, DC to share perspectives with the US Postal Service's Inspector General and others about NATO's continuous adaptation.

Mr. Wayne Buck and Lieutenant Colonel Dennis Kalendruschat briefed the Postal Innovation Platform, a forum that focusses on virtual reality and real life case studies to drive innovation through to a new postal ecosystem, on virtual simulation.

"NATO Special Operations Headquarters use virtual simulation to support the training and certification of aviation crews," said Mr. Buck. "This low cost and highly efficient virtual reality simulation is used to certify special operators in their procedural skills of planning, preparing, and executing special air missions."

Lieutenant Colonel Kalendruschat spoke about the Virtual Operations Headquarters concept being produced for NATO forces. "This simulation should allow staff in geographically disparate locations to train together economically and efficiently," he said. For further details visit

Simulation is used extensively in NATO for training and analysis. NATO’s investigation of virtual worlds has been going on for several years with increasingly fruitful results. Allied Command Transformation realised the power of virtual worlds and in particular serious games (a video game meant for education and not just entertainment) some time ago. The Command, with industry partners, built a game to help instruct boarding parties on NATO vessels how to conduct boarding operations and search ships for weapons of mass destruction. The last game built was for instructing multinational students in Rules of Engagement to be used during conflict. The Joint Warfare Centre uses the Joint Theater Level Simulation and the Joint Force Training Centre uses the Joint Conflict And Tactics Simulation.

The next Postal Innovation Platform may be held in virtual reality, hosted by the Virtual Operations Headquarters.