mnss wgACT will conduct a Multinational Solutions Synchronisation Workshop (MNSS WS), 24-25 May 2016, in Prague, Czech Republic. The audience for the workshop is at the working level and is targeted at Multi-national and Regional Capability Development Actors, National Smart Defence (SD) representatives and the Chief of Transformation and NATO Centres of Excellence (COE) representatives.

ACT is combining this event with a planned National Chiefs of Transformation (COT) workshop in order to minimize additional travel requirements (as many COT representatives are also SD representatives).

It is hoped that the discussions will provide the basis for the way ahead in terms of development of an active community of interest that is able to share lessons and best practices across the various multinational initiatives and to align efforts with Alliance priorities while providing visibility in order to minimize duplication across the various actors in capability development.

A detailed agenda and additional background information relating to this event will be available shortly on the proposed Multinational Solutions collaboration site that is being developed to support our Community of Interest on the Smart Defence TRANSNET site (username and password required).

The Workshop will focus on the following themes:

  • Identification of current and future NATO capability priorities,
  • Update on major Multinational Initiatives,
  • The way ahead for related synchronisation activities and development of a Multinational Solutions Community of Interest,
  • Multinational Programs Best Practices and Lessons Learned,
  • Visibility for Multinational Program Activities,
  • Opportunities for bi-lateral, multi-lateral meetings, and
  • Chiefs of Transformation, Centres of Excellence and other Networks Working Group Sessions.

Since its formal inception at the Chicago Summit, Smart Defence has encouraged a cultural change in how the Allies view the business of capability development. It promotes a cooperative way of thinking about generating the modern defence capabilities that the Alliance needs for the future. In this renewed culture of cooperation, Allies are encouraged to work together to develop, acquire, operate and maintain military capabilities to undertake the Alliance’s essential core tasks agreed in NATO’s Strategic Concept. SD has become a first consideration for delivering much-needed capabilities in a more cost-effective and efficient manner within the Alliance. The Pooling and Sharing (P&S) Initiative within the European Union was developed following the same spirit, focusing on the need to optimize the development and employment of the military capabilities required for operations. Since the beginning both organizations have committed to working together to share ideas, support each other’s initiatives, and avoid duplication while aligning priorities.

As other Regional capability development actors have begun to increase capability development activities, it has become even more important that we maintain a common picture that captures NATO, EU, Regional, Partner and national priorities, and identifies overlaps to avoid unnecessary duplication and build upon potential synergies for complementarity. Therefore, the Smart Defence Special Envoys are re-focusing their efforts to become the synchronization focal point across the multitude of multinational capability actors to ensure coherence and alignment with Alliance priorities and to ensure standards, interoperability and integration are central to these efforts.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact:
Mr Ross Riddell, Smart Defence Core Team at +1 757 747 4055, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.