ETEE P&P has the lead responsibility, in conjunction with all appropriate NATO organizations and in coordination with relevant non NATO entities for anticipating, developing, updating policy, doctrine, standards and solutions through NTG and appropriate WGs within the political framework.

Plans and Policy   Global Training Approach

Revision of E&T policy, provide strategic guidance through specific directives and contribute to higher NATO policy documents
  • Policy
  • Directives
  • Training Concept
  • Training Plans
  • Direction ad Guidance
  • NTG Secretariat

Ensure interface with global education and training environment, maintain the connection with and influence other major NATO areas of interest with E&T implications
  • Cooperation with IOs/NGOs
  • Partnership
  • Engagement with E&T institutions (NATO, Nations, partners)
  • Engagement with external actors
  • E&T framework for cooperation
  • Quality Assurance