Vice Admiral Alfonso Fernández de Córdoba Gómez

Vice Admiral Alfonso Fernández de Córdoba Gómez

Deputy Chief of Staff Joint Force Development

About Vice Admiral Alfonso Fernández

Vice Admiral Alfonso Fernández de Córdoba Gómez entered the Naval Academy in 1978 and was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade in 1983.

As a naval officer, he served on board the following surface units: LST "Velasco", Minesweeper "Tajo" and Frigate "Asturias". As Executive Officer, he was embarked on the following ships: Minehunter "Guadalmedina" and Corvette "Diana". He was Commanding Officer of Fast Patrol Boat "Espalmador", Minehunter "Guadalmedina", Fleet Oil Tanker “Marqués de la Ensenada” and Training Ship “Juan Sebastián de Elcano”. He was also Chief of Staff of the Second MCM Squadron.

As Lieutenant Commander, he was commissioned in the following Staffs:

- Spanish Navy Staff.
- Air Combat Command Staff.
- Defence Joint Staff.

As Commander he was stationed in the Spanish Royal Household, where he was assigned to the Military Chamber and finally was Aide-de-Camp to His Majesty the King.

As Captain he was appointed as Chief of Staff (COS) in the CTF-151, a coalition that plays a leading role in the fight against piracy in the waters off Somalia. He also was assigned as Secretary-General of the Spanish Navy Staff and subsequently Chief of the International Engagement Department.

As Rear Admiral (OF6) he was appointed Force Commander of the FHQ for the operation ATALANTA, on board the ESP flagship “Galicia”. On his return to Spain he served as Deputy Chief of the Arsenal de Cádiz. He was subsequently appointed as Admiral Chief of General Services, Technical Assistance and of Communication Information Systems in the Spanish Navy Headquarters. Afterward, he was selected as Deputy Director for Personnel Recruitment in the Ministry of Defence and promoted to Vice Admiral (OF7). Recently, he has been selected to be ACT DCOS JOINT FORCE DEVELOPMENT in NATO HQ SACT Norfolk (USA) from August 2019 to July 2022.

Vice Admiral Fernández de Córdoba graduated in the Naval Warfare College and is a specialized officer in ASW. In addition, he was awarded the Merit Badge for Peacekeeping Operations for his command of the “Marqués de la Ensenada” in the operation ATALANTA in 2009.

He holds the following military decorations:

- Cross, Badge and Commendation of the Royal and Military Order of San Hermenegildo
- Three Naval Merit Crosses
- One Military Merit Cross
- One honour mention

Vice Admiral Fernández de Córdoba was born in Madrid in 1958. He is married to Pilar Botia and they have three daughters.