Chiefs of Transformation Conference

Chiefs of Transformation Conference 2019

cotc2019logo-lowres.pngThe 2019 Chiefs of Transformation Conference will take place from Tuesday, 10 December to Thursday, 12 December 2019 in Norfolk, Virginia.

The Conference is the only venue where national Chiefs of Transformation from the Alliance and the Partner Interoperability Advocacy Group have the opportunity to interact and collaborate with the senior leadership of Allied Command Transformation and many other senior leaders involved in innovation and transformation.

The stated aim of the Chiefs of Transformation Conference 2019 is to interconnect national transformation initiatives with those of Allied Command Transformation, particularly in the areas of innovation, longer-term capability development, and training. The national Chiefs of Transformation, along with the other senior leaders from across NATO, the Partner Interoperability Advocacy Group, industry and academia, are invited to discuss and exchange innovative ideas and best practices, explore the potential of current and emerging technologies in support of assisted decision-making in NATO, and identify actionable outcomes towards improving interoperability, cooperation and partnership.

The Theme for the 2019 Chiefs of Transformation Conference is "NATO Warfare Development: Innovation & Interoperability- Winning Tomorrow’s War Today" and, with this in mind, the conference agenda has been developed to take into account national priorities, opportunities and concerns. The valuable feedback received from previous conferences, along with the input provided by Nations Chiefs of Transformation representatives have greatly assisted in this process. In acknowledging the feedback and comments from Chiefs of Transformation Conference 2018, this year’s conference will focus on smaller group discussions.

There will be four syndicate topics, each led by an Allied Command Transformation's Flag Officer / General Officer with support from Nations, Industry, Academia and others, where attending Chiefs of Transformation Conference Principals will, in a facilitated roundtable format, share best practices, views and opinions with the aim to identify follow on activities in specific areas of interest. Over the two-day conference, all attendees will discuss each of the four topics.

Chiefs of Transformation Conference 2019 topics:

  • "Innovation" led by Lieutenant General Thomas Sharpy
    • Allied Command Transformation and a number of Nations are increasingly focusing on innovation. We need to identify what is the success strategy to foster innovation because technology is already here. Understanding how to build, fuel and drive innovation is the first step to bring all nations on board at the same speed. The NATO Innovation Network offers to nations the opportunity to share ideas, best practices, and combine efforts to tackle the future challenges together.
  • "Interoperability" led by Brigadier General Poul Primdahl
    • Interoperability is a mind-set that demands a shift in culture. We must not see interoperable capabilities as an afterthought, but think about "interoperability by design" at the very beginning of the capability development process.
  • "Resilience" led by Rear Admiral John Tammen
    • NATO leveraging Collaborative Resilience to conduct and sustain operations by preparing for, absorbing, recovering and adapting to the surprise or strategic shock of Hybrid Attack and/or Terror through harmonized and resilient structures, systems and processes enabled by the persistent collaboration across public, military and private stakeholders.
  • "Human Capital" led by Vice Admiral Alfonso Fernandez De Cordoba
    • As the security landscape grows in complexity, it has never been as important for leadership to adapt their approach to decision making.  Developing and enabling our Human Capital to leverage technological advances and innovative approaches to decision making is paramount.

cotc2019banner-lowres.jpgRegistration to the Conference is now closed.

Read-Ahead package is available here.

Conference Agenda is available here.

Attendance will be limited this year based on Chiefs of Transformation Conference 2018 outcomes and prioritized, from:

  1. National Chiefs of Transformation (limited to three (3) participants per Nation)
  2. National and NATO Command Senior Enlisted Leaders (limited to one (1) per nation)
  3. Partner Interoperability Advocacy Group (limited to two (2) participants per Nation)
  4. National 'Young Disruptors' (limited to 30 participants in total)
  5. Senior NATO Leadership representing:
    1. NATO Headquarters (International Staff / International Military Staff) (limited to 10 participants)
    2. NATO Command Structure (Allied Command Operations, Allied Command Transformation, Component Commands; Joint Forces Commands, Joint Force Training Centre, Joint Warfare Centre, Joint Analysis and Lessons Learned Centre) (limited to 30 participants)
    3. NATO Education and Training Facilities (NATO School Oberammergau, NATO Defense College, NATO Communications and Information Systems School, NATO Maritime Interdiction Operational Training Centre) (limited to two (2) participants per facility)
    4. NATO Centres of Excellence (limited to one (1) participant per Centre of Excellence)
    5. Other NATO Agencies and Organizations (e.g. NATO Science & Technology Organization, NATO Communications and Information Agency) (limited to two (2) participants per Agency)
    6. Other International Organizations (e.g. United Nations, European Union, European Defence Agency) (limited to 10 participants in total)
    7. Industry / Academia (as appropriate to Chiefs of Transformation Conference theme/content) (limited to 30 participants in total)
  6. Allied Command Transformation Flag Officers / General Officers and supporting Headquarters Supreme Allied Commander Transformation staff.

Click here for the Chiefs of Transformation Conference 2018 Analysis Report

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