nato usjsThe International Concept Development and Experimentation (ICDE) Conference is the annual forum of Supreme Allied Command Transformation and US Joint Staffs’ to provide a unique opportunity for the international Concept Development and Experimentation community and stakeholders to discuss the most current issues of concept development and experimentation in the capability development process.

The National host for the 2018 ICD&E Conference will be the United States Joint Staff Joint Force Development Directorate.

Washington, D.C., United States of America

October 2018



  • Champion Adaptation and Innovation through CD&E work across the Alliance and Partner Nations
  • Advocate and enable a federated approach to concept development and innovation across the Alliance and with Partner Nations.
  • Engage with our partners; build relationships and trust, draw inspiration from our colleagues and promote a networked CD&E environment that stimulates collaboration, information sharing and mutual support.
  • Identify and exploit common areas of interest, building communities that can innovate with purpose and coherence.
  • Educate partners on CD&E interests and processes; communicate CD&E best practices and lessons learned for collective benefit.
  • Through Workshops and Seminars, progress individual workstrands and concepts.

The agenda is under development and will be published in due course. Like 2017, the Conference will be a 3-day event, delivering a mix of plenary sessions, engaging speakers, workshops and networking opportunities. We will also run the ‘CD&E Exchange’, our very own mini-Expo, offering the opportunity to connect with partner organisations about their projects and yours.

The conference is focused at the Major General level and below, or the civilian equivalent. Attendance from the following fields, as applicable, are desired: CD&E, Research and Development, Science and Technology, Doctrine Development, Military Transformation, Battle Laboratories, Centres of Excellence, Academia, the Defence Industry and Subject Matter Experts based on specific workshops/seminars. Attendees can be from a NATO nation/body, Partnership for Peace, Mediterranean Dialogue or Istanbul Cooperation Initiative nations, or from nations partnering with the US Department of Defence.

Security Classification and Language:
The program content is not classified and is releasable to the public. It will be presented and published in English; there are no translation services available during the conference.

Venue Details and Registration:
The Conference will be held in Downtown Washington DC, USA, in October 2018. For security reasons, the venue and exact dates will only be given to those registered and vetted. Details on how to register will be provided shortly. Please follow the HQ SACT LinkedIn page to stay up to date.

Conference Coordinators:

ACT Lead Planner
Wing Commander Ruth Wilson
SO Capability Engineering & Innovation Division
Concept Development Branch
Tel +1(757)747-3272

US Joint Staff J7 Lead Planner
Mr. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Foreign Affairs Integration Officer
International Force Development Division
Tel +1(757)203-6743

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