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Allied Command Transformation (ACT) Civilian Employment Opportunities

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7857 Blandy Road Suite 100
Norfolk, Virginia 23551-2490 USA

The need to provide continuity and specialist skills not found in the military, coupled with the cost of training military personnel in skills found in commerce, underpin the requirement for international civilian staff as an integral part of NATO's military structure. At HQ SACT, NATO International Civilian Staff work along-side their military colleagues in functions which span the activities of the Headquarters in both operational and supporting roles. These include Operations Research & Analysis, Resource Management (HRM, Finance, Infrastructure), Communications & Information Technology and International Law.

There are three categories of NATO International Civilian staff employed at HQ SACT, which are split between the following grades:

  • A grade staff have professional/management level responsibility and are typically employed in Operations Research & Analysis, Resource Management (HRM, Finance, Infrastructure), Communications & Information Technology and International Law.
  • L grade staff are specialist linguistic posts, such as Translator/Reviser positions.
  • B grade staff are typically technicians or assistants, such as Information Technology Assistants, Financial Assistants and Administrative Assistants.

The two official languages of NATO are English and French. The work at HQ SACT is mainly conducted in the English Language.

Nationals of the following Countries are eligible to apply:

Albania, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Montenegro, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States of America.

Please note that the recruitment process for NATO International Civilian vacancies at HQ SACT has changed. Applicants should follow this link and then identify the vacancy for the relevant post and follow the instructions given. The old type application form & processes are no longer in effect. All the vacancies below are available at the above-mentioned link.

The link above opens the new Taleo recruiting system. For an exhaustive list of current NATO International Civilian vacancies, click here.

Current vacancies

Post Title: Section Head (Programme Director Cyberspace Caps), NATO Grade A-4
Post Number:  TSC FCVX 0100
Post Location: HQ SACT, Norfolk, VA, USA
Vacancy Number: 190830
Closing Date 30 October 2019

Please note that although we will do our utmost to adhere to the the testing and interview dates shown below, they are subject to change. All candidates will be advised of changes in the status of their applications as soon as possible and we will endeavor to inform those who are selected for in person interviews at least 3 weeks prior to the published interview date.

Vacancy # Post Title Post # NATO Grade Test & Interview
190543 Communications Services SME TSC FCCX 0170 A-2 9 & 10 Dec 19
190544 Global Commercial Supply Chain SME TSC FCLX 0040 A-2 10 & 11 Dec 19
190545 Cyberspace Capability Development Engineer TSC FCVX 0110 A-2 11 & 12 Dec 19
190546 SO (Implementation Management) TSC FCXX 0080 A-2 4 & 5 Nov 19
190553 Staff Assistant (Technical Administrator) TSC TTRX 0140 B-5 TBD
190554 ACT Command Auditor TSC GSQX 0010 A-4 25 & 26 Nov 19
190555 Staff Officer (Comprehensive Approach) TSC PPMX 0120 A-2 5 & 6 Nov 19
190556 Senior Analyst (Science & Technology) TSC PPRX 0040 A-3 2 & 3 Dec 19
190559 Staff Officer (Strategic Outreach Coordinator) TSC PPWX 0110 A-2 21 & 22 Nov 19
190560 Requirements Management (System Manager/Trainer) TSC FEQX 0140 B-5 3 & 4 Dec 19
190561 Senior Staff Officer (Defence Planning Analysis) TSC PJAX 0220 A-3 6 & 7 Nov 19
190631 Ops Research Analyst (Cap Reqs) TSC FEAX 0130 A-2 4 & 5 Dec 19
190632 Ops Research Analyst (Risk Analysis) TSC FEAX 0340 A-2 4 & 5 Dec 19
190666 RM Resource Manager TSC MXXX 0040 A-2 31 Oct & 1 Nov 19
190668 Staff Assistant (Administration) OJA HXXX 0030 B-5 22 & 25 Nov 19
190669 ORA TLC GKXX 0210 A-2 11-14 Nov 19
190670 SORA TLC GKXX 0170 A-3 11-14 Nov 19
190760 Staff Officer Finance TLC GXBX 0030 A-2 11-14 Nov 19
190830 Section Head (Programme Director Cyberspace Caps) TSC FCVX 0100 A-4 TBD

What do we offer?

Serving NATO International Civilian staff will be offered a contract in accordance with the NATO Civilian Personnel Regulations. Newly recruited staff will be offered an initial contract of three years with possibility of renewal. The mandatory retirement age for NATO is 65.

For more information concerning the terms and conditions of employment as a NATO civilian, please click here.

Internship Programme

The HQ SACT Internship Programme aims to provide a small number of current or recent students with the opportunity to 'intern' with HQ SACT in Norfolk, Virginia, HQ SACT, Staff Element Europe, Mons, Belgium or at the Joint Analysis Lessons Learned Centre (JALLC) in Monsanto, Lisbon, Portugal. Interns will benefit by gaining understanding of an International Organization, while substantiating their Curriculum Vitae.

The closing date for the submissions of applications for the HQ SACT Internship Programme 2020 has now passed. Details of the 2021 Internship Programme will appear here in early 2020.