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This page describes the TIDE Hackathon 2019 to be held in Warsaw, Poland from 25 February to 1 March 2019.


As part of the 2018-2019 Interoperability Continuum cycle the 2019 TIDE Hackathon features Data Science. The TIDE Hackathon will take place in Warsaw, Poland, and is an opportunity to tackle Data Science use cases that were identified during the Fall 2018 TIDE Sprint. These issues have now been developed into modelling, coding and visualization challenges that will be addressed by teams of experts from diverse backgrounds at the 2019 TIDE Hackathon. Teams that present solutions that are most significant for NATO could be invited to demonstrate and further develop them at the Spring 2019 TIDE Sprint event and potentially during CWIX 2019.

All solutions will be free to use by all participants and interested NATO Nations and partners. All material will be made available on Tidepedia to enable future collaboration and development. The best solutions will be used within NATO to address urgent business needs.


The aim of the 2019 TIDE Hackathon is for teams of experts from a variety of disciplines to identify solutions to the Data Science use cases identified during the Fall 2018 TIDE Sprint event held in Norfolk, USA. Teams are expected to work competitively, but in the spirit of collaboration. The challenge scenarios are based around on-going humanitarian de-mining efforts in Iraq and assessment of strategic communication objectives for the NATO Trident Juncture Exercise 2018.

Teams consisting of 2-3 experts from NATO and partner nations’ governments, industry or academic organisations are welcome to apply. The Handbook provides potential participants with some context for the 2019 TIDE Hackathon, it explains the challenges, rules and the administrative aspects that must be considered.


The 2019 TIDE Hackathon will:
• Develop innovative architectural models, views, and methods for understanding and presenting demining information to military commanders
• Develop novel software/hardware based solutions for the demining business cases including any ‘low-hanging fruit’
• Promote ‘Interoperability by Design’ by sharing knowledge and increasing awareness among stakeholders

For more information on the 2019 TIDE Hackathon including participation please see the Calling Notice, the TIDE Hackathon Handbook, Trifold and Factsheet.

Logo Challenge

With the introduction of the Hackathon back in 2015 an unofficial Logo Challenge was created by our engineers. The logo contained a hidden message that was to be unveiled. The promotion of EA Hackathon to TIDE Hackathon coincided with solving the Hackathon Logo challenge by teams from Denmark and the U.S which deciphered the message: 'Keep :) Hacking' and now are the newest addition to the NATO Hackers Club. This club developed a new Logo Challenge based on the new focus of the Hackathon to support the Federated Mission Networking, represented in the new logo.

EA FNYou will automatically become a part of the NATO Hackers Club, a prestigious special workforce that will group top talent, if you solve the challenge and submit your answer to a club member! The club members and their email addresses are listed in the handbook.

The Interoperability Continuum

In response to the dynamically changing geo-political environment that we face today, NATO conducts a process of continuous transformation, guided by a high level political agenda. Bringing effective change to such a large organization is, however, a complex endeavor. In order to support this challenging task, HQ SACT introduced a Hackathon, complementing traditional ways of procurement.

The former Enterprise Architecture Hackathon was rebranded to become the TIDE Hackathon, to meet two major objectives. Firstly, to increase its scope in order to serve a larger group of stakeholders. Secondly, to provide support to the Federated Mission Networking (FMN) by becoming an enabler for the Interoperability Continuum initiative.

The Hackathon will be integrated into the Interoperability Continuum that spans across the fall TIDE Sprint, TIDE Hackathon, the spring TIDE Sprint and the CWIX in a perennial circle.

The four events will form a Fast Track to expedite the development of emerging concepts in support of FMN spiral specifications. The Fast Track will connect the Fall TIDE Sprint (Oct 2017, Virginia Beach), the TIDE Hackathon (19-23 March 2018, University of Montenegro, Podgorica, Montenegro), the spring TIDE Sprint (April 2018, Genova, Italy) and the CWIX 2018 (Jun 2018, Bydgoszcz, Poland). The participants of the fall TIDE Sprint proposed challenges to be tackled during the Hackathon by teams from industry, academia and military organizations. HQ SACT will sponsor the TIDE Hackathon winners to further develop solutions at the Spring TIDE Sprint and finally present them at CWIX.